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Custom strategy plans to direct your content marketing efforts

Powerful content marketing is based on a strong content strategy plan.  At The Write Content, we use a 4-Phased approach and proven process to create a powerful, customized content strategy plan for your unique business or nonprofit.


During this first phase, our primary focus is on understanding your business model, content goals, and desired ROI for an integrated content marketing strategy. All provide the necessary foundation for moving forward.

We get to know you

  • your key staff and the vendors integral to your content marketing efforts
  • your business goals and objectives for your content marketing strategy
  • your past and existing content marketing efforts for possible inclusion in your strategy
  • your target audiences, their pain points, and the solutions you provide
  • your sales process, lifecycle, and challenges impeding conversion
  • your proposed methods for measuring ROI on your content marketing plan


During this phase, our Content Strategist will utilize all information gathered in Phase 1 to begin the creation of a content strategy plan. Using additional strategy development tasks to fill in the information gap, they will create a rough outline of a content strategy plan for review and revision.

We get busy

  • creating defined persona(s) for all your target markets
  • mapping content topics to each personas and their buyers journey
  • identifying the best channels to reach your target markets with custom content
  • creating an editorial calendar with defined topics based on your content map
  • auditing your existing content assets to identify content gaps and revision needs
  • writing your content strategy plan’s first draft for review and revision
  • developing a content creation style guide to ensure consistent messaging
  • writing any immediate-need content as revisions are made to your final plan


During this phase, revisions to your content strategy plan, based on the input received from your marketing and management team, are completed.  Google calendars are then created for our content writers to keep projects on track. And, the creation of your custom-branded content, or the revision of existing content, begins.

We launch

  • finalizing your content strategy plan
  • setting up Google calendars for all content strategy and creation tasks
  • writing content per your editorial calendar
  • checking in with you every step of the way 


This final phase provides for ongoing project management, and content creation, based on your final content strategy plan.  As it is not uncommon for additional immediate content needs to pop up along the way, we can add writers and project briefs as you need them. Our goal is to keep your focused plan on track and provide you with additional content creation resources for all your content needs.


Creating a strong content strategy plan takes time and the phased approach outlined above to ensure your content marketing success.  How long it will actually take will depend on your unique business model, target markets, and our access to the information needed to develop a comprehensive plan.

Factors that will impact the timeline for creating your content strategy plan include:

  • The complexity of your business
  • The number of target markets you are trying to reach
  • The mix of communication channels to be utilized
  • Whether or not you will be using content management software
  • The number of people involved in the process

Because we know our clients want to get started creating content immediately, we always recommend combining content strategy plan development with ongoing content creation, based on immediate needs.

We can provide you with an estimate on the plan development timeline once we have a clearer picture of your content strategy goals, internal resources, and current content assets.


Pricing is quoted based on your business model, needs, and content marketing goals. For more information on pricing and your content marketing needs, please call us at (770) 376-7552 or complete our online form.

For writing samples, please email us or call (770) 376-7552.

Custom content for brand building, more leads, fundraising & PR

Ask any successful organization what their secret sauce is for increasing awareness, confidence, and engagement and they will tell you: powerful stories that connect! That’s because storytelling is one of the most effective marketing and fundraising tactics available for building meaningful relationships with your target audience.

Done right, thoughtfully crafted stories provide transparency into your organization’s history, structure, people, products, and services. They move potential buyers effectively along their buyer’s journey. And, they incite potential supporters to get involved and donate to your cause.

If you need a storyteller on your team to help create custom-branded content that excites, engages, and connects, we’ve got writers from diverse backgrounds who can help. Each is a passionate storyteller who has had a professional career in marketing, sales, and nonprofit outreach and development. Each is committed to creating quality content that helps you build brand awareness, increase new leads, and ultimately solidify new or existing relationships. And all of our writers have one goal – to make sure the content they produce positively impacts your bottom line.

Our content writers create powerful stories that are:

  • Interesting, engaging, and move your target audience to act.
  • Built on your target audience’s persona, buyer’s journey, or philanthropic goals
  • Focused on relatable customer and client experiences
  • Consistent with your brand voice, style, and messaging architecture

Professional editing services to make your content shine!

Whether you need another set of eyes on your content to check for consistent voice and messaging, or you need a writer to rewrite existing content to make it shine – The Write Content is here to help!

Our experienced content writers are highly proficient in reviewing, proofing, and revising all types of content. They can help you with:

  • Short length content like social media posts, tweets, SEO citations, and digital ads
  • Medium length content like website copy, brochures, blog posts, video scripts, and case studies
  • Long length content like white papers, articles, e-books, and more

Professional editing services are available by the project, or on a monthly retainer basis.

For more information on professional editing services for your content needs, give us a call!

“The Write Content has always provided us with the “right” marketing content for our specific needs. Not only were they able to nail down our specific business ideas and mission, they continually mold our content perfectly to achieve our web ranking and search optimization goals. The Write Content will always be our go to content provider!”

Drew Jackson – Park Realty

“The Write Content totally took my company to the next level. They listened carefully to our goals, and then helped us develop a content strategy that dramatically helped us increase our leads and revenue.”

Chari Leitch, CSL Entertainment

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